WOW.. today has been an awesome day. This is actually my first time writing to you guys, and I can already see that this is going to be exciting. The Lord began to speak to me today about being multi-dimensional. For the past few months I have been swimming in two streams of revelation: Kingdom Force and Mega Gifts. The subject of Mega Gifts was birthed out of a study I was doing about the 10 greatest child prodigies, Mozart being number one. While doing this study and developing messages on the cultivation and process, the journey of GREAT GIFTS like Moses, David, Joseph, Daniel and Jesus.. I came to this conclusion. That we are all born with gifts, but what separated mediocre gifts from great gifts was CULTIVATION. Those with GREAT GIFTS went through a process of CULTIVATION. They found themselves up when everyone else was sleep. They found themselves listening when everyone else was bored. They found themselves digesting every word of the book, while others just scanned.

I am currently getting a degree in Theatrical Communications, with a concentration in Directing and Writing. I shot a video today highlighting the turmoil in South Africa during the apartheid era. As I was directing and acting in this piece, I began to see a GENERATION of artist, musicians, painters, dancers, dj’s, graphic artists and etc. A GENERATION that will not be priest or king, but walk in the fulness of the anointing of Melchizedek. We will see a convergence of sectors, where preachers’ platforms will increase to global stages outside of the realm of tent revivals and TBN. The world is becoming our stage. CNN, FOX, MSNBC will be our stages that will serve to amplify our voices as we speak truth to power. We need a GENERATION of Multi-Dimensioanl believers that are just as anointed in the business sector as they are in the pulpit. An anointing that only works in the church is not an anointing, its witchcraft. My prayer for you is that you discover the gifts that you hide in the dirt of religion because you were told that preachers can not do that.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a story about a man traveling who calls his own servants unto himself and gives them talents. One 5, one 2, and one 1.. The one with 1 buries his and does NOT make a profit. Unbury that talent that you buried because you thought people would misunderstand it, you thought they would judge it.. unbury that talent. I call you to be multi-diemsional. Write that book, design those clothes, produce that music and give glory to God. BE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL.


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  • Melvin Cross Jr

    Continue to expand your influence through media brother!! You are truly multi dimensional! This word about us (Kingdom citizens) taking the main stage is such a confirmation of what I have been prophetically speaking to musicians, singers and artist!! Great job! Looking forward to reading more!

  • Shanice

    I LIKE! While view the Social Transformation at Harvard last week I finally found what I had been looking for, for so long. A people that are teaching THE KINGDOM. Jesus preached the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM. & we should be advancing THE KINGDOM. I’m glad you are planting are church that is not just another “apostolic & prophetic” church. We need the KINGDOM preached in this hour! God bless you as you rise to the Top!

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