God is a God of CITIES. Cities are awesome in the eyes of God. Not only are they concentrated areas of economic power, but they are also wells of innovation, creativity and tremendous gifts. Cities are 21st century engines that drive regions and nations forwards on the global stage. In the last few years we have began to see one of the greatest POWER SHIFTS, as far as nations are concerned, in history. India and China are rising, while nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom and others in the regions of Europe, seem to be on the decline. In the world of SHIFTS, there are both HARD SHIFTS and SOFT SHIFTS. A Hard Shift is a change in position caused by brute force. This includes political power, military might and economic polarities. When there are major changes in these three areas, we see nations SHIFT dramatically, many times in a very rapid way. When a nation shifts this fast, usually the people have to catch up. This results in unstable leadership, raging political climates and a surge of new ideas and creative solutions. During these times WORLD CHANGERS are formed. Ask Moses. It is in climates such as these that Davids are born, that Joseph’s rise to prominence, that Jesus is baptized, that apostles turn the WORLD upside down. This climate produces TORNADOES, which we will deal with a little later. SOFT SHIFTS occur when there are slight compromises in the structure of a thing over a prolonged period of time. This can be both negative and positive. On the positive side, a country like the United States have embraced many cultures every since her conception. This is cultivated by religious freedom, the right for everyone to seek happiness, and free speech. Because of the embracing of different cultures, we then as a nation become more apt to speak to nations. We become a melting pot of ideas and therefore have the capacity to speak into the nations of the world. A Nation can SHIFT other nations by SOFT POWER. You can infiltrate a nation’s mind by simply introducing them to your CULTURE. On the negative side, when there is a embracing of many ideas without a concrete foundation, it breeds misidentification. The soul of America was formed in sin, and shapen in iniquity, and therefore as a nation we need deliverance.

The reason I am writing this blog is because the Lord spoke to me about hunger. Nations such as India and China have been rising for the past 10 years because of their hunger for God and a desire to see their nation rise up. This hunger is coming back to America. I believe that our CITIES are hungry for a MIGHTY GOD. I believe that the CITIES of America are thirsting for the Living God like never before. Do you desire for God to touch your city? Do you want to see the MIGHT and POWER of God in your region? Do you yearn to see God move in a mighty way in your Nation? I do NOT believe that America is dead, nor do I believe that the Church of America is without strength and power. I believe that the Church of America is about to get up in a major way and demonstrate the force of the Kingdom of God. As the church of America gets hungrier for the God of Heaven and Earth, there will be a rise of MEGA GIFTS. A new breed of leaders are arising in our midst, among our families and in our streets.. and guess what? YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!! This is the beginning of what I call the TORNADO. The warm winds of refreshing and revival are about to meet head on, the cold winds of religion and out of that.. a STORM of Kingdom Force.

When I was a kid my mom would always fry chicken. It didn’t matter what was on t.v., what I was engaged in.. when the smell of that chicken hit the air, my mouth began to water and my stomach began to growl. One of the ways to stir a nation’s hunger is for them to smell the smell of food in the air. As gifts, we must begin to fill the air with the scent of preparation.. SOMETHING IS COOKING!!! Seeing someone else eats always makes me hungry, especially if the food looks good. Africa and parts of Asia have been feasting on the SUPERNATURAL for years.. and I believe America is ready to eat. We have been eating the junk food of American Christianity for too long, which have produced a malnourished church.. but NO MORE!

We are planting a church in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the things the Lord had me to do for the past 5 years is study both African and Asian church models. Both of these models produce the most number of disciples, not members, but disciples than any other nation in the world. Their churches grow rapidly, and they see a great number of miracles and works of power. As we began to study these church models within the America culture context of marketing, creativity, and innovation, we believe that through the convergence of these, God is giving us a unique model to establish and reproduce. We are on a mission to cause a TORNADO and make cities HUNGRY for TRANSFORMATION.

With Expectation,

Bryan Meadows



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One response to “HUNGRY CITIES and TORNADOES

  • LaTosha Ramsey

    Praise God! That was a word from God! I say the same things to my Christian friends. God has more for us and we must embrace His Spirit in the Fullness of God!!!

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