In every person’s life there are what is known as, WATERSHED MOMENTS. What is a watershed moment? A watershed moment is a critical turning point. What it is actually is a moment in time where everything changes. A point in time when nothing after will ever be the same as before. These are specific moments of major impact in our lives, in our nations, churches and even in our relationships. These moments come to REDEFINE who we are and where we are. These moments are actually times of what I call “localization“. Localization in my own terms is the process of understanding where you are. When Adam was created, according to Genesis chapter 2, he was placed inside a garden that God planted with His own hand named Eden. Eden is the place of Kingdom Order. A garden is different from a forest. A forest is left to itself to grow in chaos.. while a garden is driven towards the dimension of order by force. Wherever you see order, you are seeing FORCE. When you see order, that means force has been applied somewhere. If a person’s life is in order, there has been force applied. If a person’s marriage is in order, it is because force has been applied. When you see a Church in order.. somewhere and at some point someone has decided that this Church couldn’t be ordinary, it had to stand out above the crowd and FORCE was applied. After Adam sinned, he was ejected outside of the ORDERED place, and when God came for their daily Kingdom Briefing, Adam was nowhere to be found. And in Genesis chapter 3, God asked a question that is still traveling throughout the earth.. “Adam, where are you“. Now we know that our God is omniscient, He knows all. He was not asking this question because He did not know the answer. He was asking this question for the sake of “localization”.. before Adam could ever be redeemed, he must first have understood his LOCATION.

When we have WATERSHED MOMENTS, it comes for the purpose of localization. It comes to reveal where we are and where we are going. Where you came from is NOT important. What is important is where you are.. where you are going, and what are you willing to do to get there. Watershed moments also come to REDEFINE us. All of us live in definitions. Without definitions there is no comprehension. If there was no definition to a door, a chair, or toilet, how would I know its purpose. Wherever the purpose of a thing is NOT known, abuse is inevitable. We all live in definitions. I am a husband. I am a Father. I am a Son. I am a Brother. I am a Christian. I am a African American. I am an Apostle. I am a Pastor. These are definitions that are designed to give me purpose and meaning according to my designated assignment. Definitions determine how people approach me. Definitions determine my actions. Definitions can even determine my Destination. A watershed moment or a DESTINY MOMENT comes to redefine you. It comes to remove the limitations of a previous DEFINITION, so you walk in a dimension that you have never walked in. Let’s look at Jesus. In Matthew 16, Jesus asked the apostles a very interesting question. He said, “who do the people think that I am”.. and they replied some say you are this, some Elijah, some Jeremiah.. etc. They put Jesus into a definition of a previous move. Because they mis-defined Jesus, they could only receive from Him according to their definition. But Peter stands up, this is a WATERSHED MOMENT, and says “YOU ARE THE CHRIST”. Once Peter gets this revelation, not only can Peter never go back into the womb of an old season (ask Nicodemas, John 3) but neither can those connected with him. A Destiny Moment comes to REDEFINE you, but in redefining you, everyone connected with you then has to realign themselves with who you are NOW. This can be a very difficult process, but it is necessary for your next level.

It is TIME for you to be REDEFINED. A new place is calling you.. destiny is calling you. Do not settle with ordinary moments in your life.. push for DESTINY MOMENTS. These are moments in time when nothing after will ever be the same as before. This Sunday our Church in Atlanta experienced a DESTINY MOMENT. I believe that the Lord Jesus showed us our future.. and we have decided to live there now. We had a incredible time of praise and worship, we gave with power and grace (we need a new sound system, to donate go here:, and we preached with an anointing to shift the Heavens. Afterwards, our daughter in the ministry, Stephanie Prescott released a poem that literally pulled down an atmosphere of FREEDOM and deliverance was loosed in the House. Through creativity and innovation, the Kingdom was made manifest in a real and powerful way. That was for us a DESTINY MOMENT. What are some DESTINY MOMENTS in your own life? How did they affect you? How did they affect those around you? Where are you now as a result of that MOMENT?




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