The issue of false loyalty is a sensitive one.. because it cuts at the heart of our motives and deals directly with our destiny. Loyalty is hard to find in a culture that builds relationships on selfish gain and perverse agendas. The ability to truly enter into a covenant relationship with another is a rare event, and should never be taken lightly. Loyalty seems to be the missing ingredient within our relationships, vocations, and our churches. What is loyalty? Loyalty is a dimension of faithfulness. Loyalty is faith in action as it relates to trust and accountability in a relationship. Loyalty is a display of honor. Loyalty is defined by the World English Dictionary as a feeling of allegiance. Allegiance is connected with the word ally. When you are loyal you are an ally. The word ally is closely related to military operations. Allies are those that stand with you during war. This is loyalty. When you are loyal you are tied to a person, a vision, a church through good times and bad times.

Now what is false loyalty? False loyalty is a deception that many have fallen subject to, rendering them ineffective and stagnant. False loyalty is when you find yourself being loyal to a system that is killing you and keeping you from your purpose. Many of you reading this are in this situation. Because I am planting a church in the Atlanta area, I want to deal with the issue of false loyalty in the church. It is demonic for us to align ourselves with anything that is against God’s purpose for our lives. I believe that there are two components that create space for false loyalty to thrive: a sense of false burden and responsibility, and lack of vision.

Wherever there is a lack of vision there is a lack of direction (Prov. 29:18). Why do we attach ourselves to people and places that have nothing to do with what we are called to? Time is the most valuable commodity that you have. Do not waste time being apart of something that is not shaping you into the leader God has called you to be. When people do not have vision they will stay in places of toxicity for years. Why are you in a church that has never taken time to identify your gifts and dedicate time to their development? Why are you in a church that cares more about what you give than your character? These issues must be addressed and dealt with apostolically. The only way the issue of false loyalty can truly be broken is by exposing motives. Are you dependent upon other people too much? Do you like placing the responsibility of your development into the hands of unqualified men and women because you are afraid to submit to true biblical leadership? Do you abhor being challenged because you know that your weaknesses will show? False loyalty is usually a manifestation of fear, procrastination and ignorance. People fear change, so they stay in places that are causing them much harm. Many are too lazy to seek out churches that will truly develop them. People will stay at a church for years because their grandfather started the church, and even though the church is dead and sabotaging their assignment, they never leave. You are NEVER obligated to be loyal to something that is killing you.

The other reason false loyalty exist is because of a false sense of burden and responsibility. Many times there is an unrealistic expectation. People have the “superman” syndrome. They think that can stay there long enough, do nothing, and there will be change. Brothers and Sisters you are wasting your time. You do not have the responsibility to save an entire church from the bondage of religion. When you stop growing, it’s time for you to start going. Ask yourself, why are you at the church that you are at? False loyalty is not really loyalty. Loyalty misplaced becomes a snare to even the sincere.

Prov. 20:6 Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

Loyalty is hard to find. We whether be loyal to a system that overlooks us, exploits us, and abuses us than truly committing to those that have a desire to see us reach our full potential. A true father will properly direct your loyalty, because wherever your loyalty is will determine where the majority of your time is sown. As someone who covers sons and daughters and has a passion to see next generation leaders raised up, we must deal with false loyalty. Break the connection you have with everything that is not purposeful. Assassinate false loyalty in your life and connect with those who see your future and will stop at nothing to get your there.




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