A New Breed of Pioneers: An Apostolic Revolution

Whether you can sense it or not, there is something significant happening in the Earth. There is arising on the scene a new type of leader, a new quality of leader. While shallow American Christianity tries to maintain its grip on this generation, a different breed of pioneers are on the horizon.. it’s an APOSTOLIC REVOLUTION. When we begin to deal with the dimensions of the apostolic, we must be very careful to make clear that we are NOT in anyway referring to a denominational posture. When we say apostolic we are NOT referring to a doctrinal leaning on a theological position. When we say apostolic we are referring to the nature, anointing and function on an apostle. An apostle is a sent one. An apostle is a pioneer. As many of you know the word apostle comes from the greek word, “apostello”, which literally means one who has been sent. It also implies one with special ability or someone with a special skill. It is liken to the special forces of the military. We are all soldiers in the army of the Lord, but there are some that have been sent on a special mission with a special task. So within the context of apostolic ministry you have:

1. The Office of the Apostle

2. The Apostolic Spirit

3. The Apostolic Anointing

4. Apostolic Operations

Now there are many more subjects that we could name, but for the purpose of this writing, this will suffice. I want to spend a very brief time clarifying the aspects of apostolic ministry and then deal with more specifically, the Apostolic Spirit.

The office of the Apostle is now in the process of restoration. The office of the apostle is the most mentioned office in the New Testament. Being directly mentioned over 70 times and over three times that indirectly, when referring to the apostles, their works and their words. The office of the apostle is one of great importance. 1 Cor. 12:28, says that God has SET first in the Church, apostles.. the word “first” as you know is PROTON, which means first in RANK, ORDER, TIME and IMPORTANCE. Now this does not mean that the apostle has the right to subjugate any other office, but apostles must understand that to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). Apostles must be very careful to function in teams. Apostles by their very nature, loves to lead, this is why one of the most important times of development for an apostle is service. What is the service record for those that call themselves an apostle? This is the true marker for apostolic ministry. The office of an apostle is that of an ambassador. They lead companies into regions to establish the will, culture, and dynamics of the Kingdom of God. Their grace is to raise up, train, impart, correct and to send out (among many others). Everyone is not an apostle (1 Cor. 12:29). Those who claim the office of the apostle must be tried (Rev. 2:2).

The Apostolic Anointing is likened to the Apostolic Spirit, but there is a difference. The Anointing is given for a particular task, while the spirit is the driving force for movement (which we will get into later). The Apostolic Anointing, like the Apostolic Spirit, can rest upon a House or a Company of people. The Apostolic Anointing usually comes by way of the presence and or impartation of an apostle. The apostle has the ability to release this grace.

Matt. 10:40 He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me. 

Matt. 10:41 He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. 

Every governmental gift holds a particular anointing and grace. When room is made for these gifts, their reward becomes available to those who receive them. In 2 Kings 4, a woman builds a house for the double portioned prophet, Elisha, and what was locked in her life was opened. Because she made room for this GIFT, her womb was opened and a year later she received the benefit of her labor. When it comes to receiving a particular gift there is work involved. First, we must create the capacity to receive the GIFT and this requires building. The woman had to build a dimension to hold this anointing. This is very important. This implies that the house that she was in was NOT built to hold this gift. Many of you reading this feel this way. You are in a house that has not made room for your gift and your anointing.. I know how this feels. Now when she builds this “little room”, in it contains a bed, a table, stool, and a candlestick. When making room for the Apostolic Anointing and creating space for this grace to function and flow, there needs to be these things present.

1. Bed– This is a place of intimacy and rest. This is a place of comfort and security. When a gift is given space, they must feel free and trusted to be themselves. This also points to prayer and restoration. Many gifts that will go forth in the house need restoration from previous wounds and long journeys. I believe that when a gift makes a journey from one place to another, from one church to another, there must be a period of recalibration. We see this in Luke 24, when Jesus joins the two on the road to Emmaus. When they get to the end of their journey, they must eat or recalibrate. Every journey has a beginning and an end. We must eat before a journey. During the journey the waste will be released. At the end of a journey we must eat again, for the end of one journey is the beginning of another.

2. Table– This is the place of consumption. This is the place where meat, bread and wine are laid out systematically. Not only must we make room for gifts, but we must understand that in order to receive the fullness of an anointing, that anointing must be given strength to function. This means that we must bless the anointing, or feed the grace for it to stay constant. What does this mean to the Apostolic Anointing. The Apostolic Anointing is fed by creativity, faith and radical obedience. The Apostolic Anointing will die in a traditional atmosphere but will flourish in places that are cutting edge and established to take risks.

3. Stool– The stool is interesting. The stool was used for two things: to sit on and to stand on to reach things that were above the prophet’s head (different message altogether). Now when a stool is given to a gift, it becomes a throne for that gift. Every gift needs a seat. Every gift needs a domain to exact and execute their assignment. The stool represents a place of authority and dominion. Gifts must be SET in the house. A gift that is NOT set in the House does not have honor and authority to operate, this can create major problems and dysfunctions in the development of that gift. The stool also represents the ability to reach higher. This deals with stature and growth. As a gift releases their anointing, when it is received, that gift has the opportunity to grow and reach a strata that was previously not touchable. The stool represents elevated platforms. There must be a platformed established for every gift.

4. Candlestick– This represents light, revelation, but also wisdom and direction. Psa. 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. There must be clear direction for every gift. This includes, but is not limited to, entrance and exit strategies. Every gift must have a way to enter and exit a house without losing honor. Many times these paths are not clear, so it is near impossible for people to leave our churches without feeling shame and guilt, this must be corrected.

When dealing with the Apostolic Anointing, these things must be present. There must be room created for the GIFT to come in and bless the House and only then, at the receiving on this gift, will that anointing flow in the House. To add here, the greatest way to see a consistent flow of Apostolic Oil in a House is to be in a House built and pastored by an apostle.

Now Apostolic Operation deals with the function of an apostle manifested through the corporate body as it relates to government and agenda. Many houses, even in the seeker sensitive community have apostolic operations. While miracles, signs and wonders may not be present, while they may even at times reject the office of an apostle, they themselves are operating apostolically. They are entering into new places and establishing proven models of transformation. While this looks great, usually it carries the Spirit of Capitalism and Franchising. When a House has an apostle present usually they will operate apostolically. Apostolic Operations deal with the way we conduct business. It is surprising to me how many apostolical houses still vote pastors in, still have democratic dynamics.. they are deacon ran, and move in the anointing of “robert’s rules of order”. We must operate apostolically. We will spend time developing this at a later time.

There is a NEW BREED of PIONEERS on the horizon. These new leaders are what I call “mega gifts”. These leaders are DRIVEN by the Apostolic Spirit. This past Sunday, I taught a small lesson on Spiritual Geography and dealt with the principle of Spiritual Earthquakes.

Matt. 27:54 Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God. 

Matt. 28:2 And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. 

There are two times that Earthquakes happen in the spirit: when a King falls, and when a King rises up. In the city of Atlanta we have been experiencing an Earthquake because of the falling of many leaders, but we are about to experience another Earthquake, because KINGS are getting up, thats YOU. This Sunday coming, I will deal with the subject of BREAKING BABYLON. This takes an apostolic spirit. In order to BREAK BABYLON, it takes a pioneer. We will be releasing that grace.

The Apostolic Spirit is what drives innovators, it is what inspires artists and musicians. The Apostolic Spirit is what prompts Abraham to leave Babylon. This spirit frustrates the comfortable. This Spirit attacks complacency and mediocrity. The leaders that are rising up are not just apostles.. but whether they are prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers, they will have an APOSTOLIC SPIRIT. They will not be driven with the fuel of man, but will be motivated by purpose and destiny. They can NOT be held back. They are people of honor, loyalty and covenant. These people are destiny seekers. They are humble and hardworking. Is this YOU? Are you apart of this NEW BREED of PIONEERS? If so, you probably feel out of place and ahead of your time.. they don’t know where to put you and it seems like it is hard for you to settle.. well let me prophesy to you.. YOUR ROOM IS BEING BUILT and your STOOL is being set in it’s place!!! You are about to walk into a season of cultivation and sonship.

I did NOT write this to be an exhaustive study on the office of the Apostle, but to encourage a generation of leaders that are feeling the pressure of their call and assignment. I wrote this for you.. you looking for that place of acceptance and honor, that place of sonship and mentorship, that place of blessing and release.. stay faithful, stay humble, stay consistent, show honor.. I bless you in Jesus name.




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4 responses to “A New Breed of Pioneers: An Apostolic Revolution

  • Dave Quak

    hey brother. i know this post is a couple of years old, but thanks for writing it. it blessed me!
    Bless YOU!

  • N J Mitchell

    Apostle Meadows,

    Surely this is divine providence, finding this post on the web. Your revelation has ‘made my baby leep’! I am going to Amazon and buying whatever you have on there.

    Please help me to link up with current posts. My destiny is at stake!



  • Arendale

    I thought I’d read this before but maybe not. It’s a word spoken in season for me at this time. Nowhere to land for years; now that season is coming to an end, thank God. While reading this, I had to pause and email two ministers who are older than me but have, through the years, unwittingly and often tried to keep me back and prevent me from going forward. I wrote this in part to them:

    “God has been and is making a way for me. Never disagree with or try to deter someone who is pushing forward, and never try to deter a pioneer from pushing forward. Can a pregnant woman be deterred from giving birth? That is the wisdom those have who try to prevent a pioneer from pressing forward.”

    It’s sad when not just the world but Christians and ministers try to strangle the gift in a person and prevent them from walking into their destiny. This has happened for a very long time, especially to pioneers (and inventors– anyone who is doing a new or different thing). It should not happen among believers. Thanks for this article.

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