The Spirit of Offense: False Loyalty part 2

Ever since I wrote the first blog on False Loyalty I knew that there was more that I had to touch on. The response from the first part was overwhelming. Many find themselves in positions of commitment and loyalty that is actually hurting their spiritual development. In the last blog on False Loyalty we dealt with, on a surface level, motive and intent. I want to spend more time on that and really touch on the Spirit of Offense. False Loyalty and the Spirit of Offense work hand and hand, and many times usually can be signs of deeper dysfunction and abuse.

Deliverance was a very important aspect of Jesus’ earthly ministry. As a matter of fact, the word for salvation in the greek is the word “soteria”, which literally means to be “delivered”. In our western, American, seeker sensitive, politically correct church, we do NOT talk much about deliverance, but I am convinced that we need deliverance in the church like never before. I was thrusted into deliverance ministry when I was 18. Working at a summer camp we constantly had demonic manifestations that we had to deal with head on. This gave me a very in depth understanding of demonic manifestations, activities, and settled for me questions that are still being debated to this day, like: can Christians have demons? Can Children have demons?The answer to both of those of course is yes. But the dynamics became something I was very close with, even when it came to my own deliverance from the occult, cults, perversion and etc. It is interesting to me how many minister believe in deliverance, but only for others, never for them. The reason I am spending time on deliverance is because I believe that False Loyalty is a spirit that works along with self deception and victimization.

False Loyalty will have you out of place for years with the most sincere heart. False Loyalty clouds your destiny from view and has you laboring in vain. What is false loyalty? It is being loyal to a system that means you no good, and has no future for you. The picture perfect example of False Loyalty is with the Children of Israel. In Ex. chapter 1 we have a picture of  prosperous nation of Israel, working hard building a city that had given them shelter for years. After Joseph died and that entire generation, there arose a government that did not remember Joseph, his God, or his people and Pharaoh intimidated.

Now I want to deal with intimidation. Intimidation is a tentacle of witchcraft. It seeks to control others by project a false personality among peers for the purpose of subjugation. We must be careful of intimidation, and the suspicion of intimidation. Intimidation can be project by someone to cause fear on another, BUT sometimes it is inflicted upon ourselves because of a lack of confidence and identity. We must be careful not to be intimidated, especially when intimidation is NOT in the room. Intimidation can be dealt with by a revelation of IDENTITY.

After Pharaoh rose up against Israel and put them in bondage, although they were Kings and Priests, although they were “mightier” than the Egyptians, they did NOT move. This is the beginning of False Loyalty. Although they had there own land, they remained strangers because Egypt was all they knew. Someone who is reading this understand what I am saying. You have been in a place where you know you are NOT growing and being used for your GIFT, but to step out on nothing is far too scary. Faith is a radical aspect of our relationship with God. Faith is trust manifested in action. Faith requires movement and action. Faith requires a decision. Faith is NOT double-minded, for that type of person is totally unstable (James 1:8). Israel had an issue with False Loyalty, and for 400 years of slavery they sat there and PRAYED that God would get them out. People that have an issue with FALSE LOYALTY have what I call the “superman” syndrome. Either they believe that they can change the church that has been doing the same thing for a billion years, or they believe that somehow, some way, someone is going to come and rescue them. Let me tell you something, THERE IS NEVER A CONVENIENT TIME TO STEP OUT IN FAITH. If you wait for the perfect climatic conditions to step out of that place, you will never leave.

Now let’s deal with the Spirit of Offense. The reason I wanted to deal with this is because this is the other side of False Loyalty. In the demonic world, demons operate according to what I call “spectrums”. A spectrum is a range of demonic manifestation within emotions. What do I mean? The Spirit of Fear has many different branches: fear of death, fear of failure, fear of love, fear of rejection, fear of man. Now in the dimension of the Fear of Man, you have a spectrum or a range. On one end it manifests in intimidation, where someone is unable to fulfill their assignment because they are afraid of what people will think and how they will react. Now on the other end of the spectrum we have the totally disregard for man. The fear of man will actually rise up as disrespect and a rejection of honor in the pursuit to nullify “man worship”. You will hear people say, “I don’t submit to a man”, “I don’t worship a man”, “we all the same”, “he put his pants on the same way I do”.. this is actually the fear of man being manifested on the other side of the spectrum. Many times when a person leaves a place that has held them captive for so long, after False Loyalty has been broken, their hearts are very soft, and the slightest inch of correction cause OFFENSE.

People who have been through dramatic church abuse have to be very careful to not fall prey to the Spirit of Offense. Once the Spirit of Offense rises up in a person’s life, it creates a stronghold of demonic activity.

Prov. 18:19 A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city

This verse compares a brother “offended” like a strong city. Every strong city has borders, watchmen and armies. When someone is offended the first thing they do is SET UP BOARDERS. You can only get so close to them. Many times when someone is walking in the Spirit of Offense, the person you meet is NOT the real them. That is their alter-ego that keeps you far enough away to NOT trust you. People who have been offended are also very suspicious people. These people boast about having a gift of discernment, but its nothing but witchcraft working through suspicion. Discernment is not having a weird feeling or not being sure, or not having peace in your “spirit”.. discernment is when God, by the Holy Ghost, reveals to you the origin of a person’s actions, their motive and intent for the purpose of prayer and correction. Lastly, people bound with the Spirit of Offense are very easily upset and defensive. They have their armies on stand by. People who have been offended usually think that everyone is after them and that no one likes them.. this must be handled by deliverance.

As many of you read this you felt like this was written for you. It was. I believe that you should share your story and your struggle with someone that you can trust so deliverance can begin (James 5:16). Do not settle with being bound by False Loyalty, get in a place of covenant and commitment. And if you are offended easily, get delivered.




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4 responses to “The Spirit of Offense: False Loyalty part 2

  • Patrice

    This was absolutely timely man of God. Thank you for your courage to speak on what others consider taboo in the church. You have certainly stepped on my toes, pushed me in the back and stirred me up to step out on faith. May prosperity, peace and deliverance reign in your house. Love you!

  • mugadzaanos

    Wonderful teaching,am in a position to equip the church with it.b blsd MAN OF GOD

  • Nicole Price

    This is an absolute amazing truth that has touched the very depth of my heart to the point of confession, repentance and deliverance. Thank you for releasing the TRUTH which makes us free indeed. Blessings to you and all connected to/with you.

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