Cultivating the Anointing

God is no respecter of persons, but the anointing is. While God loves all of us equally, the anointing that He releases upon an individual’s life varies according to assignment and purpose. This forms, along with gifts and callings, RANK and ORDER in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God works within 4 Dynamics: Order, Rank, Protocol and Power (another message that we will not deal with here). All of us have been anointed to accomplish our specific assignment. This anointing is precious and unique, its delicate and rare, it must be respected and carefully cultivated.

We are building an Apostolic Team in Atlanta, Georgia for the planting of a city church, an Antioch Church called Embassy International Worship Center. For the past few weeks we have been teaching on Establishing Culture. During this series we have learned that it is NOT the vision that determines the destiny of a House, it is Culture. Culture determines what is grown and what dies. Culture determines what kind of Christians are grown in your House. Culture is very important. Culture does NOT just happen, it must be cultivated. Culture comes through a long process of plowing, sowing, and continual atmospheric calibration. Atmospheres determine Cultures. I wanted to write this blog because I believe that we all must be aware of how to Cultivate the Anointing in our life. What should we do to make sure our anointing is pure and potent to be effective in a world of mixture and lukewarmness.

The Kingdom of God is a system of EMPOWERMENT. The Kingdom empowers individuals with GIFTS, ANOINTINGS, CALLINGS, TALENTS and intellectual capacity to further advance the rule and reign of Jesus Christ on the Earth. The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but JOY, PEACE, and RIGHTEOUSNESS in the Holy Ghost (Rom. 14:17). So as the Kingdom of God is advanced, it establishes joy, peace and righteousness by the spirit of God. As the dominion of Jesus Christ covers the Earth, it displaces demonic systems and brings prosperity to all, this is our mission. We accomplish this mission through gifts, anointings, callings, and talents… and all of these have a specific purpose; they are not the same:

1. GIFTS– A gift is a key that opens doors to bring you into the presence of great men.

2. ANOINTING– An anointing is a special endowment of enabling power that gives you the ability to complete your assignment once you are in front of these great men.

3. CALLINGS– Calling imparts identity and confidence to operate in the anointing that God places upon your life.

4. TALENTS– Talents are lower level or lower dimensional gifts that undergird your dominant gift to bring support and balance.

Now understanding this is very important because each of these areas must be cultivated differently. Today I want to deal with Cultivating the Anointing.

The reason I want to spend time writing on the anointing, because out of the four, we probably hear about this one the most in the Church. The Father calls, the Holy Spirit anoints, and the Son gives gifts. The Anointing is a supernatural endowment to accomplish something that you could NOT do in your own strength. The Anointing is actually the working and power of the Holy Spirit on an individual. The word anointing means to “smear” or to “paint”. In some instances it actually means to “rub in”or to “pour”. The Anointing is when God literally takes a piece of Himself and puts it on a particular person. If we had time we would speak on the dynamics of the anointing. How it flows from order and unity (Psalm 133), how it destroys yokes (Isa. 10:27), and how it is a symbol of headship power (Psalm 23:5).

How do you Cultivate the Anointing on your life? Cultivate means to promote and improve the growth by labor and attention. Whether you believe it or NOT, the anointing on your life CAN increase. What you start off with, is not what you have to end with. As a matter a fact, if you are being a good steward with what God has given you, you will always see increase (Matt. 25:21).

Eccl. 10:1 Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour…

We must be careful to let nothing that does not belong in our anointing, finds it’s way in. The flies that are in the ointment here didn’t start off dead.. they were alive at one point. Flies represent demonic activity. One of the first ways to cultivate the anointing is to continue to seek deliverance. Many believe that DELIVERANCE is a one time thing, but it is not. Deliverance should be a daily thing, it should become a lifestyle. You do not take a bath once a year, so why only go through deliverance once a year. Deliverance should be as frequent as prayer. Flies hang around rotting fruit. The second way to cultivate the anointing is to develop the FRUIT in your life.

Gal. 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

Gal. 5:23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Remember GIFTS are GIVEN, FRUITS are GROWN. Fruits grow in certain seasons. For example temperance grows in season of temptation and frustration. Patience grows in seasons of tribulation. Different fruits grow in different seasons. As you learn how to manage seasons, and pass tests, the anointing will increase in your life. The last thing that I want to deal with is the VOICES that we allow in our life.

1Cor. 14:10 There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification. 

Paul was speaking about spiritual influences. They are everywhere, and whatever we hear shapes our life. This is why I believe it is NOT healthy for a Christian to CHURCH HOP, or to be at every conference.. because when there is not a consistent stream oinfluence in a person’s life, it mutates our growth; we are not shaped systematically, but we take on the shape of all these different voices. This is why Fathers are the most important aspect in cultivating the anointing. This constant stream of wisdom and knowledge serves to shape and grow us in a way like nothing else. If you want to see your anointing go off the charts, seek deliverance, develop your fruit, and find and submit to a real father in ministry.

It is my prayer that you accomplish your assignment, and that you are developed in a great way. If you are seeking mentorship, covering or a spiritual father, I would love to assist in any way that I can. Email me at with a brief bio, and what you are looking for.. together we can reach destiny.




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6 responses to “Cultivating the Anointing

  • Light Eziribuike

    It is highly revealing. I am blessed by it

  • Mona

    Truly enlightening. Profound.

  • Prophet Rene

    Hot on the trail and in high pursuit of this anointing to saturate me for Gods much needed work.
    When I pray for the lost, hurting and suffering, I don’t want to make them laugh, I don’t want to confuse the desperate! I need Gods anointing the be so present that people are transformed! But only Christ character is going to do it!
    This is one of the only articles that is actually coincided with the reality of how such an anointing will develop. It’s real.

    It’s another piece of the puzzle! It couples with being in front of the alter of God! Spending time with God and praying in the Spirit. but yet that’s only a part, it matters how I react. In trials, how I endure temptations, hardships, etc.

    Oh lord let not our faith fail!

  • Revd Stephen Ofoma

    Its quite challanging and heartwarming


    THANKS pastor you have motivated us and enlighten my path . GOD BLESS YOU

  • jeighchic

    Powerful! This has blessed me tremendously; praise God!

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