The Emergence of 21st Century Leaders

Part 1: This past Thursday, May 12th 2011, we hosted a conference call for Embassy International Network. We are a coalition geared towards the facilitation and development of 21st century leaders and the equipping of teams for both regional transformation through social initiatives and the establishment of city churches. We did this, and will continue to do this through teaching on the dynamics of Fathers and Sons, mentorship and covering for the purpose of influencing the city and impacting the nations. Here are some of the notes that were taken:

Questions to ask yourself as a leader

  1. Where am I in my development?
  2. Where am I suppose to be?
  3. How did I get here?
  4. What would it take for me to be where I am suppose to be?
A leader:
 1. Leaders are people of Increased capacity.
2. Leaders are Problem solvers.
3. Leaders are Networkers .
4. leaders are Strategic thinkers.
5. Leaders Live in the future.
6. Leaders Enjoy being uncomfortable.
7. Leaders Must always  grow.
8. Leaders must be Excellent communicators.
9. Leaders are Culture engagers.
10. Leaders are Excellent followers.
Dynamics of Fathers and Sons
1. If the kingdom of God is going to be advanced there must be the raising up of model sons.
A model son is an apostolic blueprint of service and honor. This displaces the chaos of the kingdom of darkness by the order of the kingdom of God. Children are born but Sons are given (Isa. 9:6). The child must be grown into a son. A child cannot be grown into a Son without a Father.
2. As sons begin to arise, they have the ability to become kings or fathers. The kingdom establishes its influence when a conglomerate of groups of gifts come together and form a network. Your NETWORK determines your NET WORTH. This is shaped by:
     a. Highly trained individuals
     b. Properly assembled
     c. Synergy.
3. When there is an abundance of gifts there must be an operational ministry to enhance ministry growth and effectiveness.  Your gift must be accounted for.
Areas for retarded growth:
1. Sins
2. Religious structures
3. Lack of accountability
4. Lack of vision
Definition of Father: An identity imparter, vision clarifier, a door opener, and a corrector. Working definition: Super structure, a model, one has dedicated his life to see a son grow up in the admiration of the Lord. Father is a seed carrier. Carries identity. Gives his son identity and clarify the son’s vision, and understanding to their assignment. Wants to develop the way you think. A life source, creates a name and produces a culture. Fathers give to bless, sons give to honor. Fathers dream, fathers bless, fathers direct, father project, fathers anoint, father counsel, encourage and strengthen, open doors, provide prayer covering and intercession , double portions, teach train and develop, meet needs, correct and disciple, manage temptations, speak into our lives, create leadership structure.
Definition of a son: A son dedicates his life to seeing the vision of his father come to pass. Vision caster, dream fulfiller, obedient until to the death of his own vision. Sonship plan-War against disorder and dishonor.
9.Are Loyal
10.Are accountable
11.Create vision
12.Walk in moral integrity
13.Pray for fathers
14.Are as brothers.
Definition mentor: A trusted counselor or guide; private tutor
•A mentor is to focus on the development of that gift; a mentor’s job is not to father.
•Directs gifts of an individual
•Address weaknesses that slows down or halts the gift that has been identified
Mentors-An effective mentor does not have time to be a father, knows their assignment, mentors should not father (fathers can mentor). Mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. A mentor focuses on the development of a particular gift. A mentor’s job is not to father.  A mentor reveals keys, activates keys, address weaknesses that halt or slow down the development of the gifts.
Thank you Abigail Pope and Chanielle Lee for providing these notes.

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One response to “The Emergence of 21st Century Leaders

  • Greg Howse

    These are excellent bullet points for leadership dialogue. Keep up the good work. You guys are heading straight for fruitfulness.

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