For the past several months the word “MEGA” has consumed my studies, my prayers and my pursuit. This word will set the standard for the Church’s direction in the coming years and will become a catalyst for a new generation of churches and leaders…these leaders are what I call “MEGA GIFTS” and I want to write briefly about who these leaders are. When we begin to study and dissect the word “MEGA”, we are dealing with CAPACITY. And when dealing with CAPACITY, we are dealing with DIMENSIONS. Now let’s discuss the word “MEGA”. Mega actually serves as a prefix in some cases, that makes whatever word it is connected to better or enhanced. Likewise, when there is the presence of a MEGA GIFT in a church, business or company, it INCREASES, not decreases, that particular entity’s value. “MEGA” is defined as something great or large, and in science actually carries the connotation of “millions”, as in “megaton” or “megawatt”. Mega comes from the greek word “megas” which means “great, large, or mighty”. So when we are dealing with the concept of MEGA, we are speaking of CAPACITY. Capacity is a very important factor in ministry. Capacity relates to how much we can HOLD. This is determined by our DIMENSIONS. Now our dimensions are caused and constructed by our paradigms. Paradigms are grids of thinking that produce distinct systems of thought and behavior, this creates culture (another message). Paradigms are formed by our EDUCATION, ASSOCIATIONS and SOCIALIZATION.

Our DIMENSIONS determine our CAPACITY. Sadly many of our “moves” of God have been guilty of limiting and constricting the growth of its leaders and confining them within denominational structures. Now I must say this, but many of our Apostolic Networks have slowly morphed into denominational structures claiming rights on Present Truth. No one can claim rights on Present Truth, and once one does he becomes just as delusional as those he criticizes. We must understand that there is an ecological system in the Body of Christ and we all have a part to play, and it is in the working with one another that we become more mature.

Eph. 4:16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

Fathers must increase the capacity of Sons so that they can HOLD more than the previous Generation. Sons must hold what the FUTURE demands. So again our DIMENSIONS determine our CAPACITY. Our CAPACITY determines what we can hold, which separates MEDIOCRE from MEGA. Our DIMENSIONS must be increased and enlarged. This increase occurs by the cross-pollination which comes through the activation of TEAM MINISTRY. Mega Gifts are TEAM PLAYERS.

  • Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize his or her strengths and minimize his or her weaknesses. 
This is why MEGA GIFTS work very well in what I call POWER TEAMS. A POWER TEAM is a conglomerate of MEGA GIFTS, trained, equipped, commissioned and SENT OUT to change the spiritual dimension of a region or sector. In the coming years lone rangers will be left alone while POWER TEAMS arise to SHAKE CITIES and IMPACT NATIONS.
In Matthew 25, Jesus gives a parable of the TALENTS, where one servant was given 5 talents, one 2 and the other 1. MEGA GIFTS are 5 Talent ministries and gifts, to understand this better please review the blog on MEGA HOUSES here. But when we are dealing with MEGA GIFTS we are not speaking just of talents and abilities. Paul says in Ephesians,

Eph. 4:8 Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.

When Jesus gives these GIFTS, these are the DOMA gifts, or what we have come to know as GOVERNMENTAL GIFTS. I want to add here that when Jesus gave these gifts, these were not GIFTS like Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12. In Corinthians, Paul deals with the Charismata or the Gifts of the Spirit. These gifts are Word of Wisdom, Gift of Faith, etc and are given to the Body for the purpose of edification. The gifts in Ephesians 4 are not individual gifts, but they are GIFTS OF MEN. They are not ministries but MENistries. These men and women are actually GIFTS within themselves. The reason this is important is because when we are dealing with MEGA GIFTS, we are NOT dealing with TALENT, we are dealing with a GIFT (a person) as a whole, and this includes: Talent and Ability, Character and Vision, Impact and Posterity. There are four qualities that must be present in MEGA GIFTS that I want to deal with: Excellence, Quality, Effectiveness and Impact.
1. Excellence: In the Business World there is a law that governs customer service, production, personnel and client relations, and this is the Law of Best Practice. This Law must be activated in the GIFTS and Houses of the 21st century if we are going to see lasting results. The Law of Best Practice must include market research, a standard in the quality of our preachers and a constructive look into our presentation, which refers to both our homiletic release and our worship experience as a whole. We can NOT be behind technologically. We have allowed our Contemporary brothers and sisters to take the lead in graphics and branding, we must grasp the importance of EXCELLENCE.
2. Quality: The subject of QUALITY is always highjacking the mind of the MEGA GIFT. And when dealing with quality we must address 3 things: The Depth of Revelation, The Degree of Relevance, and the Dimension of Rank.
  • The Depth of Revelation: MEGA GIFTS are what I call Dimensionalist. They are not held captive by one stream of thought, or one well of revelation. Their interpretive skills of the scripture are usually based on Apostolic Models and not denominational settings. They transcend their TIME and SPACE to touch generations unborn. The Depth of Revelation must increase by the use of what Kevin Conner calls MASTER KEYS. These KEYS unlock doors of the scripture to give us access into a reservoir of the Counsels of our God.
  • The Degree of Relevance: Are we relevant? This is a question that haunts the MEGA GIFT. Relevance goes beyond the level of comprehension our audiences have, it is the position of our word as it relates to the plan of God in the Earth. Relevance has more to do with TIMING than it has to do with audience or age appositeness. Where does our WORD fit in the plan of God and is it packed with the capacity to make the next generation pregnant with destiny.
  • The Dimension of Rank: RANK is very important to the MEGA GIFTS. Rank can be increased by the FAITHFUL stewardship of our gifts, anointing, and revelation (Matt. 25: 23). Rank is our “metron” or measure of rule. MEGA GIFTS move “metronically” or according to the degree and dimension of their MEASURE of RULE. Rank deals with AUTHORITY and INFLUENCE which determines IMPACT and IMPRINT (deal with this later). Mega Gifts are always increasing in measure and being promoted in RANK.
3. Effectiveness: Mega Gifts are extremely sensitive to their effectiveness. Effectiveness does not live in the realm of public opinion, but in the assignment and anointing given by God. Our effectiveness is in the knowing of our unique assignment, and in the distinction of our anointing. We must be careful to understand what God has called US to do, and not what is popular or “acceptable”. Being effective is being committed to God’s assignment for your life and consistent in seeing it applied. We are effective when we do what God has called us to do. This understanding should eliminate COPY CATS and ungodly DUPLICATION.
4. Impact: Mega Gifts are extremely IMPACTING. While this may seem very similar to effectiveness, they are very different. Effectiveness deals with being true to your calling and assignment, while IMPACT has to do with the lasting influence you have in the Earth. Mega Gifts are PIONEERS, TREND SETTERS, and TRAILBLAZERS. They do NOT desire platforms, they CREATE platforms. Mega GIfts are leaders among leaders, and pastors among pastors. Impact is the measure of ones IMPRINT, which is caused by ones INFLUENCE, on the Present and the Future. Every finger on a Human Being has a distinct print, known as a “fingerprint”. When a finger or hand applies PRESSURE it causes an IMPRINT, within that IMPRINT is the DNA or distinct identity of that person. MEGA GIFTS are people of identity, and their IDENTITY affects generations yet to come.
God is raising MEGA GIFTS to shift the climate of ideas and the quality of ministry for the 21st Century. As they arise, let us increase our capacity and create a space for them in our midst so that our value will increase and our “world” transformed. MEGA is now an operative word in Kingdom Transformation, for the Church nor the World can see significant change without it. Within this study there is also the subject of: Mega Houses, Mega Grace, Mega Mantles, Mega Cities, Mega Ideas and Concepts and so much more. For more info please contact us at

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