I felt impressed to write.. something. Usually when I write a blog, I have studied.. the Lord has laid a burden upon my heart for the release of a specific subject. I pray and study, and then spend adequate time writing.. this is not one of those blogs. Tonight, I just got home with my wife from one of the most tremendous corporate times of worship that I have ever been in. I am sitting here writing in awe.. tears fill me eyes.. you know why? Because I see what God has in store for this Generation. This Generation is not relegated to young people, people born in a particular time bracket, but anyone desiring to see God move like never before. I want to say that, that the moves that we have seen have been very cultural in their expression, and because of that it locked some people out from ever experiencing that dimension and dispensation of God.. but no more. What God is releasing now is such an orchestra of different expressions and anointings that it will not belong to one people group or one culture. The culture of man is about to be totally stripped from our expression, and the culture of the Kingdom of God will be released in RAW FORM. I didn’t title this, because any title would have belittled what I am trying to communicate, and I have probably still not communicated this well.. but this is my challenge to you. Step out.. believe big.. see miracles.. thanks for reading. I love you so much, with all my heart.

With Expectation,

Bryan Meadows


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Pastor of the Embassy International Worship Center in Atlanta, GA. View all posts by pastorbryanmeadows

2 responses to “Untitled

  • Benjamin

    I’m with you Apostle!!!

  • Felicia Cazares

    Thank you for this “Untitled” message and for all your other teachings; I have truly been blessed. I received this revelation some time ago and have been tremendously frustrated by people’s inability to see or to embrace this move of God.

    I am a U.S. missionary (from Indiana) in Glasgow, Scotland and I am part of an apostolic team God has been building here. We are a ethnically and culturally diverse group all from countries outside the UK. We did not know each other until God began bringing us together one by one.

    Be encouraged, keep teaching, keep blessing the Body of Christ.

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