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The Minstrel’s Office part 2

In 1 Samuel chapter 30, David and his men returned to Ziklag and found that all of the women and children, both sons and daughters (significant), had been taken by the Amalekites. The city was burned, meaning that their industrial ability was wiped out. They no longer had the capacity to make weapons of wars.. they were left only with what was in their hands and the skill they had acquired through battle. David and his men began to travail.. and then through this powerful form of intercession, David calls for Abiathar the priest. When Abiathar comes, David says.. BRING ME THE EPHOD. When he receives the ephod, he seeks the Lord as to whether or not he should pursue and what would be the outcome.. the Lord says “PURSUE and you shall RECOVER ALL”.

I began a teaching in late April of 2011, called The Minstrel’s Office, and today I want to continue within that current. Within the Kingdom of God there are many dimensions, one of the most powerful dimensions is the Dimension of Worship. A dimension is a world that functions according to certain laws. Every world is governed by laws. The Dimension of Worship is governed by three laws: The Law of Worship, The Law of the Heavens, and the Law of Orders. Let’s speak briefly on each law to construct a foundation for our release. THE FIRST LAWThe Law of Worship says “whatever you worship you gain access to”, we dealt with this in our previous teaching called Breaking the “Almost” Dimension. THE SECOND LAWThe Law of the Heavens is the process of the Heavens release. Gen. 2:4 says These are the generations of the Heavens.. so like the earth has generations, the Heavens have generations as well. One Heaven is established to release certain things.. they have an assignment. When that assignment is complete, that Heaven passes away, and another Heaven is established. This is the Generations of the Heavens or Atmospheres. Now our worship determines what is in the atmosphere or the Heavens.. what is in the Heavens determines what is released in the Earth.. what is released in the Earth determines what grows in the Earth.. and what grows in the Earth determines what man eats.. and what man eats determines the STRENGTH and POWER of a generation or region. So our degree of worship determines the fruit that we produce and the meat in our House (another message). THE THIRD LAWThe Law of Orders says “what you wear determines where you can go..” Every dimension in the Kingdom is accessed by wearing certain things. The Dimension of Kings must only be entered by those with Crowns.. the Dimension of Life can only be accessed with those who have a Body and Breath.. the Dimension of Worship can only be accessed by those who hold the Ephod.

Ex. 28:6 And they shall make the ephod of gold, of blue, and of purple, of scarlet, and fine twined linen, with cunning work.

The Ephod was the garment of the priest. “The ‘ephod’ is the first garment described in detail. This was the outer robe of the high priest. It was made of two parts, one covering his back and the other his front; these being joined together at the shoulders (place of government, my emphasis) by golden clasps, which formed the setting for the onyx stones. The ephod served to support the breastplate” (Gleanings in Exodus, Aarons Garments, pg. 259, Arthur Pink). Within the Law of Orders, there are several orders: Order of Levi, Order of Aaron, Order of David, Order of Zadok, Order of Chenaniah and the Order of Melchizedek to name a few. I want to deal with the Order of Levi, the Order of Chenaniah, and the Order of David.

THE ORDER OF LEVI– This is the order of Sonship and Service. This is the order of Aaron’s sons. Those with GIFTS in the House, especially musicians and singers, must live DEDICATED LIVES. The Levites were dedicated to the Lord. They didn’t work for money , nor were they hirelings. I am not saying that musicians should not get paid.. I think that ALL musicians should get paid, but the basis of payment should be according to relationship and covenant. Most musicians usually travel from one place to another, never entering into true relationships. They are used for their gift alone, never truly receiving authentic ministry. They remain stuck in demonic structures for years because leaders overlook their character for their gifts. I can’t speak for everyone, but I speak for those who have a heart for musicians and singers to excel and I say.. I AM SORRY. We have used and abused you for too long.. it is TIME for your RESTORATION. The Order of Levi is an order where the minstrel and psalmist has DEDICATED their GIFT and SKILL to the Lord. Remember that you must be dedicated to the Lord. Your gift must be laid at the foot of the cross. Your gift must BELONG to the Lord.. and if it does belong to the Lord, then no one can use it but Him. The Spirit of Compromise is rife and ruthless. The Spirit of Compromise will take a pure heart bound with ambition and completely turn it away from God. Ambition must be guided and guarded within the heart of the worshipper. This is why Aaron, or the dimension of covering and accountability must be present with the Order of Levi. Those called to serve like musicians must find proper COVERING for their gift, or the world will always take advantage. The Order of Levi had the responsibility to offer Sacred Fire, this is pure and undefiled worship and adoration. Remember the Law of Worship.. “whatever you worship you gain access to”. This Law is set in place to filter out idolaters. Most musicians want to gain access on tours and in backstage rooms.. they want to play behind the most popular band. In order for them to gain access, they MUST worship them. They have to bow down, compromise and give their GIFTS to the world, THIS IS IDOLATRY. What God do you serve? Allow God to promote you by being DEDICATED to him.

THE ORDER OF CHENANIAH– 1Chr. 15:22 And Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, was for song: he instructed about the song, because he was skilful. Chenaniah represents, first of all, HEADSHIP GIFTING. The scripture says that Chenaniah was the Chief of the Levites.. this is a place of honor, authority and power. God wants to promote you minstrel and allow your gift to fill the world.. but you must know how to work within the context of “anointed” teams. I did NOT say “bands”.. the day of bands is over. God is raising up TEAMS. Organizations in which your gift will INCREASE and be strengthen by the cross-pollination of anointing and covenant relationships. Here is my plea.. stop desiring to play with just anyone. Once you share your gift with someone, it produces association, and association always brings IMPARTATION. Why are you playing on a band, and your band members are not living for God.. why do you have people in your group, on your praise team that are living unholy and impure lives.. THAT DAY IS OVER. Sanctify yourself lest the LORD break forth upon you (Ex. 19:22). How dare you serve with insincerity in your heart? Chenaniah released worship and service by song. His ministry was releasing what was in him. Minstrels and Psalmist must be careful what they allow in them, because your service is releasing what is in you. Whatever you allow to GET IN, will be what you GIVE OUT. If you want to play for the world.. FINE, but don’t pollute the House of God by playing both sides of the fence. Lastly, it says that Chenaniah was skilful. Skill is the cause of many musicians being INSECURE. When one is selected because of their SKILL and not because of their worth or relationship, it causes insecurity. They are constantly under the threat of being replaced if someone comes along with GREATER SKILL.. so they are in a constant race to become better musicians and not better people.. THIS MUST BE BROKEN. We love you regardless of what you can do.. we want you and not your gift.

THE ORDER OF DAVID- Remember every dimension can only be entered by wearing the right clothes. David was a king, he wore a crown. But David was also a priest after the order of Melchizedek. In order for a king to enter into the dimension of worship, He must cast his crown down (Rev. 4:10). This is the place of process. The worshipper, the minstrel and psalmist must go through a tremendous process so that PRIDE is purged out of their heart. Minstrels and Psalmist can have much pride because people are constantly adoring them and exalting them according to their gift. They are puffed up with flattery and knowledge (1 Cor. 8:1). David was a man of humility..he served in season and out of season. Whenever you decide to serve God know that javelins will be ORDAINED for you.. they are not sent to kill you, but to process pride out of your life, for that is the only way you will be fit for the Kingdom of God. The Order of David is the order of warriors. It is an order of warfare and strategy, the order of minstrel and psalmist. David had a tremendous skill, but he used it to advance the Kingdom of God. We need musicians and psalmist that understand that they have been born to WAR against the Kingdom of Darkness, not join them for a gig. Your job is to fight against those things that pollute the world and contaminate a generation.. DAVID, TAKE YOUR PLACE!!!

David understood that the only way he could recover all that was ordained for his life.. gain back his respect and future.. he needed the ephod. David screamed.. “BRING ME THE EPHOD”. What David was saying is that even though this is a battle, the only people that will come out on top is the WORSHIPPERS. Musicians and Singers I plead with you to return back to the presence of the Lord. Don’t seek for the approval of well-known artist or secular bands.. seek for the approval of God. Allow God to promote you, allow God to direct your path. Make ambition your servant, not your king.. GO GET THE EPHOD!