The Anointing is an interesting subject. The anointing in and of itself is a topic that we could spend years on and never exhaust, it’s that vast. The anointing is a mystery in the since that the totality of it scope is still misunderstood today. The anointing is a chemical compound. We all have a personality. There are as many personalities in the world as there are people. The anointing also has a personality, it is Jesus. Jesus is not just anointed, HE IS THE ANOINTING. When the anointing rest upon your life, it mixes with your personality and creates something unique and specific. This is why seeing carbon copies in the Body of Christ is disturbing and dangerous. God never creates a copy. When the anointing sits on you, a chemical reaction happens, and you become something different.

Anointings take on the personality of the people they are placed on. We then use names to characterize an anointing based on who the actions and dominant traits of that anointing reveal.. for example, we will say the Anointing of David, or Abraham.. the Anointing of Rebekah or Barak. When we see someone whose gifts and behavior aligns with a particular pattern, we say “They are walking is the Anointing of (fill in the blank)”.

Here is a concise list of anointings to give you an example:

We characterized anointings (MANTLES) by the individuals who carries them..

  1. The Anointing of Adam– Dominion
  2. The Anointing of Abraham– an anointing for GREAT FAITH and PROSPERITY
  3. The Anointing of Joseph– An anointing for DREAMs and VISIONS, an Anointing for Leadership Strategies and Investment
  4. The Anointing of David– an Anointing for War and Worship
  5. The Anointing of Samuel– the anointing of the seer and prophetic administration
  6. The Anointing of Issachar– the ability to discern times and seasons
  7. The Anointing of the 13 sons of Jacob
  8. The Anointing of the 11 apostles
  9. The Anointing of Samson– Invention and the Discovery of New technologies
  10. The Anointing of Perez– Breakthrough
  11. The Anointing of Solomon– Wisdom and Peace
  12. The Anointing of Jesus– Redemption and Restoration

As a person grows and their personality and patterns become more defined, they leave the shadow of that person and begin to develop something that is their own and unique.

I have learned that there is no way to have an anointing without first learning to steward someone else’s anointing. Stewarding what the Lord has placed on your life is a very important thing. How you steward any thing will determine it’s health, longevity and effectiveness. I want to deal with stewarding the anointing using an economic principle, supply and demand, and something I have learn through ministry and revelation.

God deals to all of us a measure.. (Romans 12:3) We have measures in everything, not just faith. We have measures of intelligence, measures of maturity, measures of gift and skill. All measures can be enlarged or increased according to Paul (2 Cor. 10:15). We all receive a measure of oil, but oil is not infinite. Oil must be stewarded properly. Oil can get old, oil can grow stale, and become unusable if it’s not fresh and sustained. The quality of oil is very important.

Follow this train of thought. Anointing is the currency of ministry. You spend it every time you preach. You spend it every time you lay hands. Every time the sick is healed, you’ve spent oil. Every time you cast out a demon, you’ve spent oil. This is why the disciples couldn’t cast out a certain devil (Matt. 17:16-21). They didn’t have enough money. They didn’t have enough in the bank. That was an expensive devil. Jesus said in order for you to cast this devil out, you must have a little more in the bank. You must increase your measure by fasting and prayer. That is one of the ways your anointing grows. But your anointing also gains interest when it is not TOUCHED. Holiness increases the rank and measure of your anointing.

Ways the Anointing is Spent:

  1. Ministry spends Anointing
  2. Faith spends Anointing (The faith in people, can pull anointing out of you, ex. woman with the issue of blood)
  3. Stress and Strife spends Anointing
  4. Mentorship and Fathering spends Anointing (Impartation spend the Anointing)
  5. Sin spends Anointing

One of the most expensive ways to spend the anointing is sin. Understand this: every assignment that a minister is given has a value of oil on it. To heal the sick may take 2 gallons of oil. (I am using human examples to make this understandable in the way God gave it to me) So say you begin with one gallon, but you spend 2 quarts fornicating. Now in order for you to get the job done, you have to repent, fast for 10 days and pray for 24 hours, just to generate enough oil to heal that woman from cancer. Sin creates a deficit that must be paid, and although Jesus paid for the world debt on the cross for our salvation, the anointing must be paid by our lives.

Ways to Increase the Anointing:

  1. Holiness
  2. Prayer and Fasting
  3. Worship and Prayer
  4. Consistent service in the House of the Lord (Tithing)
  5. Mentorship and Fathering (You must be submitted)
  6. Baptism, Communion, Feet Washing and other sacraments
  7. Giving into a Gift or Moment

I have heard it said that the anointing is free.. I disagree wholeheartedly. Any anointed person knows that the anointing cost. You may or may not know when it was paid for, or by who.. but if you are anointed, someone paid the price. They paid a price in prayer, in fasting, in integrity, and even some with their lives. Stewarding this precious cargo is for more than just preaching. The anointing is not just to gather and influence masses, but to make an impact and imprint in the sphere and sector you have been appointed. Your anointing is not for you. We must be diligent to make sure that our anointing stays up to date and relevant, that it stays pure and undefiled, that it remains potent and intentional, that it grows and purchases revival for every city.

Bryan Meadows



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